CORE Choices Fund

An Arts and Crafts Class Paid for through the 'CORE Choices Fund'

As a not for profit agency, CORE has always relied on the generosity of private donors to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities are able to enhance the quality of their lives.

In an effort to optimize those donor resources,The CORE Choices Fund was established in the early 1990's to provide additional financial support for individuals receiving services from CORE. This fund pays for some of life's little extras. Based on the premise that a small amount of money can make a huge difference, CORE staff volunteered their time and efforts to create what became the first annual CORE fundraiser.

CORE has hosted a Night of Magic, several Wooden Racket Tennis Tournaments, Special Charity Shopping Nights, a $20 for 20 Years Campaign, and the famous Poultry in Motion Dance and Raffle.

Poultry in Motion Dance and Raffle

CORE also has agroup of loyal donors who grace us with an annual donation for use by the CORE Choices Fund. The money from these events and donations has sponsored several individuals in their desire to attend empowerment conferences, and helped pay for vacations that might not have happened without the little extra from the CORE Choices Fund. People in Supported Living have also benefited: when their vacuum cleaner dies, they needed sheets, or when the utilities were more than anticipated.

Each and Every penny given to this fund goes to individuals who need support.

In addition to the CORE Choices Fund, CORE has received bequests of monetary funds and properties from families. We are happy to assist in estate planning and making living arrangements for their loved ones, once the need arises.

If you would like to donate to the 'CORE Choices Fund', please send your tax-deductible donation to:

CORE, Inc.
Attn.: Sharie Junker, Business Manager
75 Tri-County Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45246

In return, you will receive regular updates on specific ways that your donation is helping to enrich the lives of persons with developmental disabilities.

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